Life Happens … Live Happy!

Sylvia and Oscar

“Money isn’t the most important thing in the world, but it touches everything that is.”  ~ David Neagle

Each of us is living a money story. The problem is that it may not be our own story. You may be living your parents’ or your grandparents’ stories. Stories that may have been true for them but are subconsciously holding you back. And, you may not even be aware of it!

You may have noticed that most people end up living at the same or maybe slightly higher income levels as their parents’. That’s because we have been programmed to do so. If you want to change your income level in a big way, you may have to give up some beliefs that do not serve you.

Something to know about moneyit isn’t good or evil. It just is. It doesn’t have a conscious. The only value it has is what we give it with how we use it.

I help women business owners see bigger possibilities so that they create a bigger vision of where they really want to go, help them see through the blind spots that are holding them captive where they are, and reach their destination faster than they ever thought possible.

I do this by helping them do more, be more and have more… love, money and fun!

Let’s schedule a complimentary 1/2 hour introductory session to talk about your unique situation where I can recommend your next best step, which may or may not be working with me.  You can schedule that here using my on-line scheduling service.

At the end of the day, I help women feel happier, live life more fully and make bigger impacts in the world.


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